How to Play the Lottery Online

online lottery

If you are looking for an online lottery, you will want to make sure you are playing a licensed lottery site. These are regulated by the state’s gaming authority, and are completely legal and secure. Beware of scam websites, which are only out to take advantage of you and rip you off. Legitimate sites will be interested in your experience, not their own. Read on for some tips on playing the lottery online. Then, play safely.


Though the legality of online lottery games is a controversial issue, the fact remains that online lotteries are perfectly legal in most states. This legality is generally recognized by the addition of a specific clause to lottery statutes, such as “including sales over the Internet.” The expansion of online lottery games has increased the popularity of lottery games, and most states have approved the sale of online lottery tickets. Washington, D.C. recently passed legislation allowing residents to purchase tickets online using credit cards.

Games available

Most US states have online lottery sites, where players can see the latest lottery results, locate participating locations, and contact information. A handful of online lotteries are also expanding their service offerings, adding Instant Games that allow players to wager on their favorite games from the comfort of their home. This option is available on web sites as well as mobile apps. Using an Instant Game is a great way to learn how to play and make money from the lottery.


Whether you choose to play a paper lottery or participate in an online lottery, it is important to know the rules of online lotteries. State gaming authorities have the power to suspend a lottery license if it violates the rules. While the rules of online lottery games are different from those of paper lotteries, some are the same. To maximize your chances of winning, you should research the rules and learn about the jackpot amounts for each type of lottery.

Subscriptions available

You can buy a lottery subscription online. These subscriptions allow you to choose the numbers you want to play each week and automatically purchase tickets for each drawing. The subscription is for one or more draw games, such as Mega Millions, Powerball, or Fantasy 5. You can choose your numbers or choose from a list of add-ons. Subscriptions are recurring and remain active until you cancel them. Players can purchase subscriptions for different lottery games or choose to purchase tickets once and play on a weekly basis.

Alternatives to online lotteries

While there are several advantages to playing real lotteries, there are many risks to online lottery sites. Most of them lack government oversight and regulatory bodies. Furthermore, many of them require extra payments from players. This means that winnings are not yours unless you pay a processing fee. So, if you’re not sure that a website is safe, here are some alternatives to online lotteries: